Wednesday, April 25, 2012

With the Blood of Patriots...

Today, my friend and author of The Progressive Cop posted an article that makes my heart weep. In this post he details the sad chain of humiliating events experienced by a local veteran in the VA hospital in Northwest Arkansas. The post also discusses the apathetic response from Representative Steve Womack when the veteran attempted to reach out for help.

I'm trying really hard to keep my anger in check, here. I am trying desperately to think of any reason why this incident would go on ignored, unreported, and unassisted by a man elected to serve the people of his district! Here's a quote right from his page:
"I’m elated by the fact that my sub-committees assignments will allow me to better serve the people of the Third District."
Really, Mr. Womack? You had a veteran reach out to you for help, trying to show you how he was treated in a hospital that should have been dedicated to helping. You proudly proclaim that your assignments will allow you to better serve the people in your district, but instead, when asked to serve, you blow the guy off! What does that say about you? What does that say about us? You obviously don't listen to your constituents. I sent you a heartfelt letter (because you were unavailable when I called), and the response I got was a slap in the face. When I asked you to look out for the women of America, you turned it around, saying that it was an attack on religious freedoms.

Here's the brutal, bloody truth: Representative Steve Womack has proudly proclaimed that he supports Representative Paul Ryan's "Path to Prosperity" Budget. Don't believe me? He said so! (He said it here, too)
Here is what happens if that budget passes the Senate:
  • $4.2 Billion cut from the proposed Veteran's Affairs Department projected budget needs for the next fiscal year
  • 2.2 million Afghanistan and Iraqi vets are going to start coming home, and they're going to need services provided by the VA.
  • With this, the VA will need even more staff and facilities than before.
  • The approximately 107,000 veterans of all wars who are now homeless? Expect that number to climb.
So there you go, Mr. Womack. I hope you're still proud. Not only did you entirely blow off a veteran who came to you for assistance, but you're also throwing mud in the face of every veteran in America. When you brag that you're "serious about America's future," I hope the thousands of veterans who are left standing empty-handed when the dust settles haunt your dreams.

These are the men and women who have sacrificed time, family, and careers to serve our military. They have watched friends and loved ones die. They have children back home they have never seen, and those children have parents they will never meet. Their blood is flowing in the streets, overwhelming the hospitals and the clinics, and it is on your hands. Mr. Womack, you are killing our veterans, and I am ashamed to call you my representative.

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