Monday, January 16, 2012

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

         This MLK day, I had planned to write a lengthy post praising the work and vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  America and the world owe Dr. King a debt of gratitude for all that he has done to bring about equality.  Dr. King, whom I deeply admire, successfully followed in the footsteps of Gandhi, whom he admired, and who first showed the world that nonviolent civil disobedience really works.  It is hard to think of something to say about such a visionary and leader that hasn’t already been said. 

       I believe there is only one thing I can offer to this brave American hero and that is a humble thank you.  Thank you for standing up for the vision of a world where everyone can enjoy the same rights and freedoms.  Thank you for making America realize that equality is a basic human right that should be afforded to all.  Thank you for giving your life in defense of human equality.  Thank you for suffering abuses, arrests, and harassment at the hands of the authorities of your day.

      Dr. King, if only you were here today to show us the way as we continue the fight for universal human equality.  If only we had someone like you to lead us bravely towards a world where marriage equality is a given.  We need someone like you to help close the wealth gap by pushing for equal opportunity and access to a affordable quality education and healthcare.  We need someone like you Dr. King, who can stand up and lead our nation to remember that the words “We the People” mean “We the People” and not “We the Fortune 500.” 

      Dr. King, at a time when people around the world are again beginning to rise up against oppression and demand their basic God given human rights, denied them by the ruling classes, we need a leader like you who can show us all the pathway to success.  We need someone who can dare to dream the dreams you dreamt and have the courage to stand peacefully against all the oppression and violence the world can throw at you until those who spew forth violence, are completely and totally shamed into surrender.

      Dr. King, the world needs you now more than ever. You were taken from us just as the hope for equality began to become reality.  All that is left is for all of us to become students of your methods and teachings and act as you acted to bring about social justice and human equality now and forever!

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