Saturday, November 12, 2011


            I woke up today at about 1:00 P.M. (I'm working night shift in case you think I was sleeping in or something) and stumbled groggily across the house and into the bathroom near my boys bedrooms.  Not quite sure why I choose to pass the one just feet from my bed in favor of theirs but I do every morning. 

This time, as I was staggering through their hallway, rubbing my eyes to get the “sleepy boogers” out, I noticed something a little odd.  Both of their bedroom doors were closed and both of them had signs posted on them.  The one on the oldest ones door read “my room, my rulz.”  Simple enough right?  Then I came to the sign on the other door, the one pictured above.  In case you are unable to read a seven year olds hand writing it reads:

            1.      Only come in with my permisson

2.       Do not mess with my toys without my permission

             If you do not follow these rules or your Dead"

            I am not sure I am even going to ask them what brought about the signs.  Some things are just better left alone.

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