Saturday, November 26, 2011

Conservative Contradictions

     Time and time again, I hear conservatives contradicting themselves.  I’ve often wondered why they do this and whether or not they are aware of it.  For instance, conservatives want less government in our lives except for the fact that they want government to dictate what consenting adults are allowed to do in their bedroom.  Conservatives are for state’s rights unless those states vote to allow gay marriage then they are in favor of an overall US Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.  It all seems so nonsensical and illogical to me.  To be honest, it downright angers me.
     Then I stumbled upon this little jewel.  It was posted as a Facebook status update by a former co-worker of mine who his both staunchly conservative and anti-OWS. 
“Every year on ‘black Friday’ we see the same thing. Disgusting behavior just to save a couple bucks. I don't get it.” 
     My immediate thoughts were that such behavior seems to have become an intrinsic part of American culture.  Corporations engage in such behavior year around.  They put American workers out of a job through outsourcing, just to save a few bucks on labor.  It’s not that making things in America is unprofitable it’s just that they can make more by engaging in the “disgusting behavior” of eliminating the jobs of the very people on whose backs the company was built.
     The fact that a conservative can see such behavior as fighting over a good deal on a TV as disgusting, makes me wonder why they can’t see ruining the lives of thousands of people just to save a few bucks as equally disgusting.


  1. Which is one thing that has always bothered me about the "moral" right. I received a pamphlet in the mail a few months back "clarifying" the position of different parties. For the Republican party, it made sure to mention strong Christian values. Then, immediately after that, it championed the capitalist structure.

    Odd. I think Christ would be sickened by the capitalist state, and even more sicked by the "Christians" that champion it.

  2. Most companies would be happy to stay in the US and have local labor and management. It's much easier to manage a local labor force than it is to have one in another country - just think of the logistics, long distance phone calls, flights, costs for things like translators, etc involved.

    What makes a company seriously consider outsourcing are the costs involved in keeping a business local. What are the local State/County taxes? What are the costs of all the regulation and legislation? When the government (Country, State and Federal) becomes too heavy-handed and costs a business *far* more money to operate than what it would cost to operate in another country even with all of the associated costs, you get "outsourcing".

    Whether it's moving operations to another state or going overseas, they do it to stay competitive in the marketplace and sometimes just to be able to keep the business running.

    While it's nice to think that the local community would happily pay higher prices if a company had to raise the price of their product "a few bucks" to cover the costs of additional overhead, it just isn't so. There's a reason why Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the US - it's because the community members choose to shop there rather than at their competitors... "to save a few bucks".
    Where is the vitriol for those consumers who practice the same budget choices as the businesses?

    We've all heard the stories of the numerous mom and pop stores that closed down once a Wal-Mart opened in their town. Why? Because the local consumers drove past those locally-owned businesses to go to Wal-Mart, where things are cheaper. You would lambaste Wal-Mart for this, when the fault lies entirely with the local consumer base. The consumers have a choice, and they exercise that choice with their wallets. Yet when the businesses exercise that same choice, they are somehow "greedy", "evil", and "disgusting".

    If you want outsourcing to stop, the answer is simple: change your local tax laws and regulations to make the cost of operating a business in your town/state more appealing. Stop electing leaders that pass laws that punish businesses for operating locally. Stop making the business environment in another state, or even another country, look so darned appealing when compared to the high taxes and operating hoops to jump through in your state.